Saturday, September 20, 2008

Game Night

Thanks to my mother in law we were able to enjoy a night out with friends. We met up with some of the people I used to work with for a game night. We had so much fun laughing the night away, and eating way to much junk food!

Here is the group of us. I am so lucky I got to work with such fun crazy people. I hope we all stay friends for a long time.
Here are the lovely hosts and one of their sons. Thanks for letting us party at your house!
Funny story..... we were in the middle of one of our games, and we thought all the kids were asleep. Then all of a sudden the cute little boy pictured above comes walking through the living room, and into the kitchen. His dad was a little confused so he went to go check on him, and this is what he found. He was sleep walking and had opened one of the drawers and started peeing in it. I couldn't resist taking a picture. We all had a good laugh at the poor little guys expense.

These girls kept me laughing and entertained every day at work.

Yes Katrina my eyes are crossed on purpose. We played the funnest game ever called "Quelf" I drew a card that said I could not bend my arms or legs the whole game unless it was my turn. This was the only somewhat comfortable position I could find. Everyone thought it was so funny, they decided to take my picture. If you have a group of people that aren't afraid of looking stupid, I would highly recommend this game. I was laughing so hard I was crying at one point.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Every time I saw this on someone's blog I thought Ella would love it. Well this past Saturday we finally got around to taking her and I was right, she LOVED it! If you are looking for something cheap and entertaining, you should take your kids to the barn/farm at Thanksgiving Point. I was so proud of her, so was so brave getting so close to some of the animal and even touching them. She definitely gets that from her dad. As you can tell from the pictures her favorite part was riding the little ponies! Who knows maybe we have a little cowgirl on our hands.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Picture Post

We spent another fun week down in St. George, while Sita was at home enjoying his new job at eBay! He figured it probably wasn't a good idea to ask for time off when he just started. He was lucky enough to make it down for our family reunion that weekend.

We have to stop by the Pizza Factory at least once while we're there.

My friend Lacy had her little boy Easton come in to meet Ella. He kept trying to hug and kiss on her, and Ella was not having it. Sita was so proud!

Me and Ella enjoying our lunch!

Sita and my Dad are huge football fans and they have this ongoing argument about who's team is better and if Ella is going to be a Steeler's Fan or a Bears Fan, and bla bla bla. My poor baby gets stuck in the middle of it. :( My Dad got Ella all dressed up and asked me to take their picture so he could put it on the screen saver of the computer for when Sita came down. I can't wait until I have a boy, and then they can leave my little girl alone. But I have to admit they look pretty cute in this pic.
This is Ella at the reunion. I have never seen someone so little eat so much watermelon. She got so sticky she spent most the day in her diaper.
My poor little sister Maggie fell of the zipline at the reunion. Our cute little cousins were so worried about her.
My sister Lacy and cousin Rilee looking georgous as usuall.

We also had a fun night out with friends while my mom and dad babysat. Of course I forgot my camera. Heidi and Ryan were kind enough to host a little Labor Day party. We had a BBQ, went swimming, and played Rock Band way too late into the night.

These next pictures are not from St. George, they're from a couple nights ago. I got to meet up with some friends from high school and have dinner. We decided to do a photo shoot before we left for dinner. :)

Katie, Me, and Mikelle