Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Luck Vegas Bowl

Luck is a funny thing. It is a sadistic god. Luck gives you its blessing and with the same hand back hands you into submission. My Father, In-Law William Albert The Fourth, was lucky enough to receive a phone call from William Albert the Third sometime last week that indicated we had a way into the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl. We didn't have tickets, but Grandpa Given knows a guy (Marty, he's part of the event staff) who would sneak us in. Cool huh? While luck seemed to be smiling on us, being the bi-polar butcher that it is, it started to mess with us. While it normally takes about 15-20 mins to get through the Gorge, due to construction and a car accident, it took well over an hour to get through. The geniuses who are working on the Gorge decided that it would be a good idea to do some construction on a holiday weekend with a bowl game in Las Vegas. Idiots. Luckily, we had planned to get something to eat before the game and had left 3 hours earlier than the game. Once we got through the Gorge, it felt like free sailing from there. We were wrong. The delay had put us behind schedule, but right on time for rush hour. I am not saying that I agree with road rage, but after running into that I began to consider carrying a gun in the car as well. Luckily, our driver Donnel knew Vegas' ins and outs so we were able to find another route. Unfortunately, a couple thousand other people seem to know the same things. By the time we got near the stadium we only had half an hour before kick off. Unfortunately, we had to drop off this girl( Shalie's cousin Colby came with us and his friend is from Vegas and she hitched a ride with us. We didn't have a problem because we were going to be there so much earlier). Luckily Billy came up with a plan to have her mom come get her. We finally got there, parked, and ran to the stadium to get there before kick off. We had only one obstacle left; getting in. Last year, Billy, Donnel, Grampa Given, and I did the same thing, but it went much smoother. No problems. Unfortunately, there was an overzealous security guard. Luckily, Marty has some power and got us in. We made it! It was funny because as Marty ushered us illegal immagrants in, he ushered two other stow-aways off the field. Bad luck, I guess. The game itself was the same story. It seemed like BYU was going to lose, but just then Manumaleuna blocked the kick. Just our luck, I guess. Go cougs.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


So we had our first big storm. The winter time is when I really start to miss St. George. I think I complain to my husband all winter long, like it is his fault it's snowing. I would never admit this to him, but this day I enjoyed the snow. It looked so beautiful on all the trees and houses. It made me even more excited for the holidays. Ella and I had big plans this day to run some errands. As I looked outside I thought I better bundle her up good. She didn't quite know what to think of the wet cold stuff falling on her face, as you can tell by the picture. So after a long day of trudging through the snow caring a car seat , we were finally home. As I took Ella out of her seat I realized I might have bundled her up a little too much, because her back was all sweaty. Woops! Next time I think two or three layers should be enough. :)