Tuesday, October 23, 2007

#1 Granny!

Okay I know two posts in one day is a little much, but it has been a while. I think my mom qualifies as the best granny ever, and not to mention the cutest! My mom HATES getting her picture taken so these were the only two I could find. I feel so bad because we live four hours apart and it breaks my mom's heart that she can't see her only grandbaby every day. There have been plenty of times my mom has called me crying because she misses Ella (funny how she doesn't mention me). Everytime those two see eachother they are on cloud nine. My mom has helped me so much since I have had the baby, and I wanted to thank her. There is no way I could have done it without her. Every time she comes to visit she takes care of Ella, cleans my house, and feeds my husband (which is not an easy task). She is always there day or night when I need someone to talk to, or have any questions. Thanks you so much for EVERYTHING mom! We love you and miss you!

Two Years!

So during this blog drout on October 8th Sita and I celebrated our Second anniversary! We celebrated with a traditional date, dinner and a movie. My sister was kind enogh to babysit and took these pictures before we left. These were taken at her house so don't ask what that guy is doing in the background. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sita for two wonderful years! Sita works so hard to provide for our little family. I feel so lucky to have such a great husband. He keeps me laughing and helps to remind me what is most important in life. Thanks for everything Sita. I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Way I Am

Have you guys seen that Old Navy Commercial with that addicting little ditty about sweaters? Shalie pointed it out to me and now I can't get the song out of my head when I see anything Old Navy. I feel like one of Pavlov's dogs with the exception that I only salivate at the sound of this indie-mocha-late jingle. I guess Shay has a way of doing that to me. When ever she has me listen to something or notice it, regardless if I like it or not, I can't get it out of my head. She has me so well conditioned. It might sound like she has me rapped around her finger, but that isn't how it works. For example, when Shay says, "Sita, will you get such and such from the store?" I have been conditioned to forget the moment I get there what she wanted and buy whatever I see that is interesting. Sometimes she will say, "Stop doing that." This is answered with more of whatever I am supposed to be stopping. There are many things that are to her advantage though. There are times when all Shay has to do is merely give her evil- yet beautiful- look and I will stop or start whatever it is she wants me to do. Other times she won't do anything at all or, more specifically, one thing and I will do whatever she wants. I guess that's how marriage works; learning how to respond at the right time to the right things with hopefully the right answer, yet being forgiving and helpful when you're wrong. Take a listen to this song and see if you like it. It seems to be stuck in my head like my wife is in my heart......is that the right answer, honey?