Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Trouble

I was looking at this old picture of my lil' baby. It made me realize how time flies and how short a time we have here and blah blah blah....yadda yadda yadda. Yeah. All that stuff.

I think one of the difficult things that I have gone through as a parent is wanting my baby to stay a baby. Yes, I love watching her mature. Yes, I love watching her mind develop and personality mold. Yes, I love seeing her learn things she shouldn't do, watch her try to do them, pretend I'm mad at her for doing them, and laughing about it where she can't see me. I love that part of parenting.

But I also loved when she fit perfectly in my forearm, when she just laid on her back and didn't make much noise, and when all her food was free because Shalie breast fed her.

Shalie and I both missed that.....

so we decided to have another one.

We found out that Shalie's pregnant and due sometime in November! We're so excited! Ella doesn't seem to understand, but we're saying that she's excited because that's what parents do: pretend their kids feel the same way they do until they physically say otherwise.

Here's to late nights and early mornings. Constant crying and tons of diapers. Teething and a jealous big sister.

Here's to the best thing about this life. Here's to family and to our newest lil' member!