Sunday, January 8, 2012

Keeping up with the Ripley's's been a while.

Happy 4th of July, Memorial Day, NFL Lockout end, Labor Day, Halloween, NBA Lockout end, Thanksgiving,  Merry Christmas, and New Year!

So instead of trying to recap it all, here's a brief update on everyone:


I'm still at eBay working in operations support for customer support. I've been there over 3 years now and still plan on being there for a while. I'm looking to get my first MMA fight in over 2 years (can't believe it's been that long). My weight as always is the biggest issue, but Shalie is actually holding me to my diet and workouts.  Other than that I'm just loving being a daddy and hubby.


Shay is still working as hard as ever as a momma. She ran the St. George Marathon back in October and finished in 4:01:37 hrs. While she was disappointed that she missed the sub 4hr mark by so little, we were all so proud of her. Shay was also the major driving force in planning our trip to Hawaii in March. Instead of standard presents this year, we decided to do a family trip. Shay truly keeps this household together with her hard work and motherly love.

This Diva is still working it! Kalia turned 4 in July and is growing up too fast for us. While she definitely has her moments, she's taken some big steps in being a "big girl." She has really taken on the roll as big sister lately. She helps mom with cleaning from time to time as well as keeps a sharp eye on her little brother. Like all older siblings, she definitely loves to pest him, but for the most part she takes good care of her little buddy. She's also still a funny mix of super prissy and a little tomboy. She told us the other day that she was an "ultimate fighter ninja princess."

This little guy is getting into as much trouble as he possibly can. His favorite thing to do right now is to find something he shouldn't do, look around to make sure that someone's looking, and then start doing it until you physically make him stop. He thinks it's hilarious (I'm sure he's eying something in this picture). For those who don't know, he has food allergies to dairy, tomatoes, and beans. This has contributed to him still being such a little guy (50th percentile in height and 3rd percentile in weight). It doesn't however slow down his appetite. He does not stop eating. Also he's been walking since around Thanksgiving and has a couple words in his vocabulary. Dada and Football are his favorites.

There you have it. The update has been performed.

Hopefully it won't take another year for the next one.


Monday, April 25, 2011


I am totally slacking in this department. I need to take a lot more pictures and upload them to the blog more often. Poor second child, I guess what everyone says is true because I want to say he has 1/100 of the pictures we had of Kalia at this age. It doesn't mean we love you any less Vili, how could we? Look how adorable you are! I wish I could kiss those little cheeks all day.

He is such a smiley guy!

We can't forget the best big sister ever! I straightened her hair the other day and she thought she was pretty hot stuff!

Don't mind the "fro". These two cannot get enough of each other. They always seem to crack each other up.

The Steelers fans. The poor kids don't have a choice in the matter, but I do and that's why I'm not in the picture! :)

Seriously don't you want to squish and kiss on him!

Thanks for the cute outfit Heidi and Ryan! I should have taken the picture before he drooled all over it.

Hopefully I will get some more pictures up before Vili turns a year old, but I'm not making any promises.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He's Here!

Viliamu Olsen Ripley
7 lbs 8.5 oz
21 in.

Wow I have so much to catch up on, but that will all have to wait. Here are some pics of our sweet baby boy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dress Up

One of my sisters roommates and life long friends Marci dressed Ella up the other when we were over there visiting. Ella thought she looked so cool. I thought she looked adorable, and too grown up.

Thanksgiving Point

One of Ella's very favorite things to do is ride horses, so they day before her birthday we took her to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. We have been there numerous times but it is always a big hit!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ella!

Ella turned 3 on July 18th. We kept it simple with cake and ice cream with family and friends over at Aunt Nikki's house.


We went to Disneyland and Newport Beach back in the beginning of June with all the Given side of my family. Ella has talked about it literally EVERY day since. The highlight of the trip for Ella was definitely the Princesses. Other favorites were the Tea Cups and It's a Small World. Sita enjoyed Tower of Terror and body surfing at the beach. My favorite part was spending time with family and relaxing.

Given Family Reunion

Our little family, with the one on the way!

Ella and Dad in front of her favorite princess Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Waiting to see the Princesses

Sita says he will be her only prince for a long time!

Ella and Sleeping Beauty

Ella and Belle

Ella and Tiana

Ella and Cinderella

Ella and Pluto

Ella and Mickey

Toon Town with Aunt Maggie

Lots of waiting in line (Sita sticks out like a sore thumb in my short family hahaha)

It's a Small World. Everyone had enough after one ride. Ella and I went 4 or 5 times. :)

I thought she would be scared. She LOVED it! She giggled the whole time.

Bugs Life 3D. Poor thing...I have never seen her so scared in her entire life.