Friday, August 13, 2010


We went to Disneyland and Newport Beach back in the beginning of June with all the Given side of my family. Ella has talked about it literally EVERY day since. The highlight of the trip for Ella was definitely the Princesses. Other favorites were the Tea Cups and It's a Small World. Sita enjoyed Tower of Terror and body surfing at the beach. My favorite part was spending time with family and relaxing.

Given Family Reunion

Our little family, with the one on the way!

Ella and Dad in front of her favorite princess Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Waiting to see the Princesses

Sita says he will be her only prince for a long time!

Ella and Sleeping Beauty

Ella and Belle

Ella and Tiana

Ella and Cinderella

Ella and Pluto

Ella and Mickey

Toon Town with Aunt Maggie

Lots of waiting in line (Sita sticks out like a sore thumb in my short family hahaha)

It's a Small World. Everyone had enough after one ride. Ella and I went 4 or 5 times. :)

I thought she would be scared. She LOVED it! She giggled the whole time.

Bugs Life 3D. Poor thing...I have never seen her so scared in her entire life.