Friday, December 19, 2008

Is it just me?

Please help me convince Sita that this is RIDICULOUS! Sita usually works out once, if not twice a day (this is not the ridiculous part). He has soooooooo many workout clothes. I finally got tired of it and told him he can keep 10 t-shirts and 7 shorts. I am sick and tired of washing that many clothes, not to mention having to touch them and smell them before I put them in the washer. Wouldn't you agree that this folded stack, plus the load or two that need to be washed is a bit out of control? Keep in mind these are STRICTLY work out clothes. He still has his wear around the house t-shirts that are separate. Please help back me up on this one, so he doesn't think I am just being mean.

Not the best time for this...........

So many of you know that we are having some crazy weather here in Salt Lake. When I stepped outside today the snow came up to my knees, mind you I'm on the short side, but still. Long story short, we got a flat tire the other night that wouldn't inflate. Sita took the car in the next morning and they didn't have our tire in stock (don't ever buy a car with low profile tires and expect to sail through a Salt Lake winter). So we have been driving around with this little beauty pictured above. Hahahaha I thought when Sita said we were going to have to drive on a spare for a few days it would be a little bigger than this. Needless to say, when I walked outside and saw the tire I started laughing. Normally this looks silly, but in this weather it just looks plain ridiculous! Anytime we have to go somewhere I hold my breath till we get there, and thank heaven that we arrived safely. Hopefully this nonsense will end tomorrow. Wish us luck! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


As you can tell I did not do a very good job at taking pictures this Thanksgiving. Ella and I had a great time spending a whole week in St. George. Sita came down on the weekend to celebrate the holiday with all of us. My grandparents came back from their mission to Hawaii just in time to get ready for Thanksgiving! The picture above is all the Given family at the airport welcoming them home. Sita had a bad infection in his mouth, that spread to his lymph nodes. He was in so much pain he couldn't even talk. Pay attention to this next part people it is not a typo, he didn't even eat Thanksgiving dinner(poor guy)! The rest of us enjoyed two wonderful dinners one on my mom's side and one on my dad's side. :) I was even more thankful than usual this week for my family, I don't know how I got so lucky! I love you all!