Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay, so I bought this stupid little blow up doll at the D.I. thinking it was life size, and I was going to play this hilarious joke on Nikki. Well....when I got home and opened up the package it was about a foot tall. My plan was ruined, but Ella made a new best friend. No joke, she carried that ugly thing around all day calling him by name "Jerry" (it's on his name tag). I was cracking up. He even got kisses and was privileged enough to eat dinner with us. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away the next day due to a body slam that blew a hole in his back. RIP


Okay just to warn you there are a ton of posts coming up due to lack of computer, lack of camera, and lack of energy. After all that posting there are still random pics left for me to post so here are the leftovers.

When Ella got out of the bath the other night she saw herself in the mirror all wrapped up in her towel and thought she looked cute so she said "Mom, picture!", so of course I obliged.
My family came to visit not too long ago. My sister Lacy was pro at getting Ella to sleep. I thought this was so cute when I came into the room and found them both fast asleep listening to the iPod.
Andrea, Mele, and I all got together for lunch before Andrea headed back to D.C. It was so fun to catch up. I hope Andrea and her husband can make it back here for good!
One of my best friends from my childhood got married! I was so happy I got to go the temple and luncheon. Her and her hubby are one gorgeous couple. Love you Katie, congrats!
Poor Sita the second he sits or lays down Ella is right on top of him. She treats him like a jungle gym.... jumping, climbing, wrestling. It was sweet when she finally decided to snuggle up to him and asked me to put her blankey on "them".

My Sissy's Back!

Nikki is back in Salt Lake, and we could not be happier. I have missed her while she has been living in Logan and St. George. Now we only live a couple streets away from each other.

Do you think Ella loves her Aunty?
Sisters and Best Friends!

Quick Trip to Lagoon

Sita's Mom got some tickets to Lagoon, so the five of us enjoyed a very short trip to Lagoon. Lets be realistic with two two year olds you can only stay so long.

They really are best buddies. This was how they rode all the way to farmington. So cute!

4th of July


He loves it when I make him take pictures! :)