Monday, January 19, 2009

Playing Xbox with Daddy

Sita LOVES to play Madden on his Xbox. He is constantly yelling at his players or cheering them on. Everytime he starts to play Ella thinks she has to join in on the excitement. She goes and makes herslef comfortable right on his lap and looks at the TV and yells, "GO! GO! GO!". I think they look so cute, so I had to get a picture of this almost nightly occrance. Of course when Ella saw me taking pictures she had to run over and give me a pose, and then try to steal the camera.

Monday, January 5, 2009

WARNING: Picture Overload!

We had such a fun holiday season! Ella was so much fun this year, because she was so excited about everything. Ella and I were in St. George for about two weeks, and Sita came down two different times. Its kind of bitter sweet to be back home. Here are some pics from our trip.

Picking up a few last minute gifts before we left town. I hate this tunnel at gateway it is always freeeeeezing!

Before we left with Nikki, Sita wanted to rock Ella and they both passed out while I was packing.

This pic makes me happy!

Christmas traditions gone bad! When we were younger we would get a porcelain doll every year for Christmas. Now my mom has them all shoved in a closet, and thought it would be funny to bring them all out. We were laughing so hard at the pictures.

My sisters and I before heading to the visitor center to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Ella opening her jammies Christmas Eve.

My Yia Yia and Grandpa gave her this adorable rocking horse. She loves it, and wants to ride it non stop!

Ella in a real bath tub! Our place only has a shower, so this was a treat!

Christmas Eve, before we left to annual party with the Givens.

What a lucky dad.

My Grandparents enjoying their first Christmas home from their mission.

Aunt Angie, Dad, and Me

Ella and Dada dancing at my cousin Brady's reception.

Me and Ella gettin jiggy with it!

I think she was done taking pictures.

Ella had a blast at her playdate with Easton and his cousins!

Braving the tunnel.

Hahaha I love her face in this one. She insisted on playing outside, so we would bundle her up, but she still froze.

Wow if you made it through all that congratulations!